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Employee or contractor – Implications for intellectual Property

We are often asked to advise whether an individual engaged by an organisation is an employee or contractor.  The answer to this question can have profound implications for commercialisation of intellectual property.

The answer to this question is often not straightforward as the law needs to be examined in the context of all the facts. [Read more…]

Appointing an Alternate Director

What is an Alternate Director?

An Alternate Director is a person who is appointed to act as a director, as a substitute for an existing director, for a specified period.  An Alternate Director generally would have the same powers as a director.  However, their powers and duties can vary depending on the terms of their appointment. [Read more…]

Copyright in artistic works

copyright symbolWhat is an artistic work?

We commonly think of an artistic work as a painting or sculpture, however an artistic work may take various other forms. Artistic works are protected by various statutory rights pursuant to section 32 of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)(Act). Some examples provided by this section include:

          • paintings and drawings;
          • sculptures;
          • craft work;
          • architectural plans and buildings; and
          • photographs; and maps and plans.

[Read more…]

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