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Superannuation changes: Are you ready?

The Australian Government initiated a series of changes in superannuation entitlements, the first of which came into force in July 2012.

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Selling into the EU – what do the cookie laws mean for your website?

In May 2012, the United Kingdom’s statutory adoption of the  European Union (EU’s) Cookie Laws came into force.  The effect of the law is that website operators must obtain the express consent for a cookie to be saved and used on a users computer.  The law applies to organisations that host websites from within the EU and also to organisations based in the UK that host outside the jurisdiction.

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Are your website terms and conditions contractually binding?

With the recent crackdown by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on unfair contract terms in online contracts, the question whether website operators terms and conditions are contractually binding has risen again.  This is commonly referred to as the click wrap vs browse wrap debate.

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