Insolvency Litigation

Dundas Lawyers advises both companies and individuals on all aspects of personal and corporate insolvency issues.

Areas of Insolvency Law Practice

We advise on:

  • Personal pre-insolvency advice;
  • Part IX Debt Agreements;
  • Part X Personal Insolvency Agreements;
  • Bankruptcy litigation;
  • Bankruptcy annulment;
  • Corporate pre-insolvency advice;
  • Appointment of receivers and managers;
  • Appointment of external administrators;
  • Deeds of Company Arrangement;
  • Voluntary and Compulsory liquidation; and
  • Liquidation litigation.

Specialised insolvency legal services

Our legal services in this area include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Drafting and serving bankruptcy notices;
  • Applications to set aside bankruptcy notices;
  • Prosecuting creditors’ petitions;
  • Defending creditors’ petitions;
  • Drafting and serving statutory demands;
  • Applications to set aside statutory demands;
  • Winding up applications based upon a failure to comply with a statutory demand;
  • Defending winding up applications;
  • Recovery of preferential payments in both personal and corporate insolvency contexts;
  • Defending preferential payment claims in both personal and corporate insolvency contexts;
  • Member’s voluntary administration and liquidation issues;
  • Deeds of Company Arrangement;
  • Insolvent trading and director’s obligations;
  • Director related transactions;
  • Director penalty notices; and
  • Uncommercial transactions.

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