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Malcolm Burrows Brisbane Lawyer

Malcolm Burrows
Legal Practice Director

Malcolm is a Commercial, Corporate and Technology Lawyer.  He advises organisations on issues of corporations law, intellectual property, technology law and disputes in these areas.

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Mitch Brown - Dundas Lawyers

Mitch Brown
Legal Practice Director – Dundas Lawyers Gold Coast Pty Ptd

Mitch has a broad range of experience including advising organisations on matters concerning commercial / contractual disputes, insolvency related issues, body corporate disputes and building and construction litigation.

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Francis Joseph

Francis Joseph
Senior Associate

Francis has appeared in over 15 Courts across the East coast of Australia and is positioned to provide a suite of legal services to clients as required, alongside his particular special interest area of civil and commercial litigation.

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Ashleigh Boyce - Dundas Lawyers

Ashleigh Boyce

Ashleigh has developed a passion for intellectual property, privacy and technology law, particularly copyright in the entertainment industry.

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Roisin Featherstone - Dundas Lawyers

Roisin Featherstone

Roisin has a strong eye for detail and well-developed research skills, Roisin has demonstrated ability to build client relationships, manage complex cases and draft legal documents for a variety of legal matters.

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Tracey Burrow - Office Manager

Tracey Burrows
Operations Manager




Julie Hayes - Practice Manager

Julie Hayes
Practice Manager




Kata Medvegy - Dundas Lawyers

Kata Medvegy
Legal Administration




Lewis Edwards - Dundas Lawyers

Lewis Edwards
Legal Research




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