Interlocutory injunctions in patent disputes

An injunction is a Court order directing a person or entity to do a specific thing or refrain from doing something.  Whilst an injunction in itself can amount to final relief in litigious matters, it can also be sought on an interlocutory or temporary basis (Interlocutory Injunction).  This applies where a temporary remedy is sought to maintain the status quo until the larger legal issues can be heard at trial.

In matters relating to the infringement of a patent, an injunction may be sought by the patent owner (Applicant) to stop a defendant (Respondent) from doing the acts the patent owner alleges infringe the patent, until the Court has had the opportunity to determine whether or not the patent has been infringed.  In this article we consider Interlocutory Injunctions in patent matters and how the tests differ from non-patent matters. [Read more…]

Enforcing QCAT decisions

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 (Qld) (QCAT Act) established the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).   QCAT has subsumed the jurisdiction of nineteen (19) former tribunals and aims to provide the public with an expedient mechanism for resolving disputes at the minimum expense. [Read more…]

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