Facebook comments considered to be workplace bullying

A recent test case decision handed down by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (Commission) has ruled that comments posted on social media can amount to workplace bullying even if neither the person who posted them or their target were at work at the time.  The case highlights the importance of employers having a strong social media policy in place.

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The $6.5Billon dollar mistake!

I finally had the opportunity to see the Social Network on DVD recently.   As a Lawyer, having felt like I had been in a very similar situation in a previous life (albeit we are not talking about a business any where near the size of Facebook), it was easy to recognise several points in time where Eduardo Saverin could have preserved the value of his equity in Facebook.

To put the gravity of this situation into perspective, if Eduardo Saverin’s share of Facebook had been maintained at thirty (30) percent, then his equity would be valued at $US7.5 billion dollars (at the time of writing this article) – calculated on the basis of his residual shareholding of $US75Million – that’s a $US 6.75 Billion dollar mistake! [Read more…]

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