Investor Ready

Raising capital without disclosure (prospectus)

Last updated 25 August 2015
The general rule provided in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) is that you can’t raise capital in Australia without issuing a disclosure document.  Disclosure is generally thought of as being a prospectus but there are also other allowable forms of disclosure documents.  Chapter 6D of the Act contains what is  widely referred to as the “fundraising provisions” which regulate the way in which capital can be raised in Australia without issuing a formal disclosure document.

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Commercialisation of intellectual property

Commercialisation is a term that is much touted in entrepreneurial circles – although it’s not quite as popular as the term “Investor ready“!  It is often titled “New Venture Development”.  It stems from the creation of intellectual property (IP) that enables the owner to protect the work to exploit its commercial value.

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