Joint Ventures

What is an Incorporated Joint Venture?

An incorporated joint venture, also commonly referred to as a corporate joint venture, an equity joint venture or a joint venture company (Incorporated Joint Venture) is a type of joint venture where the participants (Joint Venturers) arrange for the incorporation of a separate legal entity to pursue an agreed business objective.  The Incorporated Joint Venture may acquire assets of the Joint Venturers in exchange for the issuance of securities. [Read more…]

Negotiating the value of your input to a Joint Venture

We are often approached by people wanting to go into a “Joint Venture” with other party(s) so as to maximise the benefit of their combined skills.  At first glance the synergies are generally obvious and some sort of joint endeavour usually makes commercial sense.

When asked for more information about the exact nature of the proposed “Joint Venture” it becomes clear that they either don’t really know what structure they would like, or don’t understand the issues involved in choosing the most appropriate Joint Venture vehicle.

The information in this article is based on our experience in assisting clients to negotiate and document various different types of Joint Ventures.

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What is a Joint Venture?

The term Joint Venture does not have a settled common law meaning under Australia law.  It is therefore is not capable of a precise legal definition.  That said, Joint Ventures in certain industries generally exhibit certain characteristics.

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