The Australian Cyber Law Map

The Australian Cyber Law Map (Map) is a collaborative guide intended to help legal practitioners navigate through the detailed and complicated legal landscape of Australian cyber-related legislation and case law. Within the Map, the ever-evolving area of cyber law has existing principles and new development categorises.  The Map and the categories it focuses on can be easily understood via the following visualisation. [Read more…]

Dark fibre agreements for telcos

Dark fibre refers to access to ‘unlit’ (unused) telecommunications fibre.  Generally, large telecommunications carriers and government utilities (Supplier) have dark fibre networks laid out that can be available to carriage service providers (CSP’s) to access to scale up their network.  Below we set out key elements of dark fibre and corresponding issues in telecommunications service agreements between CSP’s and their business end users (End User). [Read more…]

The Meaning of Personal Information

In the recent case of The Privacy Commissioner v Telstra Corporation Limited [2017] FCAFA 4, the question was raised as to whether the words “personal information” had any bearing on what information an individual could request from an organisation under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act). [Read more…]

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