The new business as usual in 2020!

It’s perhaps an understatement to say that the last few for Australian business has been unprecedented.  How can any business plan adequately consider and cater for a global pandemic and mass business shutdowns?  Extraordinary seems to be the new business as usual (BAU) in 2020!

How is Dundas Lawyers managing the new BAU?

Our first consideration has been the safety of our team and that of our clients.  The new BAU has meant:

  • most of our in person meetings are now via Skype (groan) or Zoom;
  • where possible (two factor authentication on everything!)
  • warnings to the team – do not to come to work if you feel even slightly unwell;
  • don’t shake hands with anyone, just smile warmly!
  • person to person meetings will only be open for critical meetings but will require pre-approval before entering the office;
  • no walk in clients, they will be asked to make an appointment;
  • perhaps most importantly, lots of Glen 20 and liberal amounts of hand sanitiser!

The new BAU may smell of Glen 20, but at least it’s sanitary!

What can your business do to survive the pandemic?

Take immediate steps!  Don’t put off or delay the inevitable.   If you have a tough decision to make the longer you delay the worse its effects will be.

Stay connected whilst in isolation! Create new connections online and explore options to expand your online presence.  Remember, people are willing to help.


Stay safe out there.  At Dundas Lawyers in 2020, it’s the new BAU!

We’ve compiled a list of authoritative sources of information about government assistance and the Corona Virus itself.  Most importantly realise that you and your business are not alone.

Further references

Queensland Government information for businesses

Business Queensland – Coronavirus essential information
Business Queensland – Coronavirus payroll tax relief
Business Queensland – Pandemic risk management for business
Business Queensland – Responding to supply chain disruptions
Queensland Government – Industry recovery information

Australian Government information for businesses

Business Australia – Coronavirus information and support for business
Business Australia – Boosting cash flow for employers
Business Australia – JobKeeper Payment for employers and employees
The Treasury – Support for Businesses

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This article contains general commentary only. You should not rely on the commentary as legal advice.  Specific legal advice should be obtained to ascertain how the law applies to your particular circumstances. 

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