Dundas Lawyers provides a range of toolboxes to help you ensure legal compliance in common areas of law. These include: –

Social Media Policy DocumentSocial Media Policy Document

Our Social Media Document helps you define and control the use of social media by your employees, for your organisation. Our Social Media Policy Document looks at both authorised and private use of social media for organisations. It’s a free for you to download and modify to your needs.

Complete the form on our Social Media Policy Document page to download the document.


Corporate Governance ToolboxCorporate Governance Toolbox

The aim of the Toolbox is to assist you in dealing with all aspects of an Enterprise, from obligations imposed by statute, common law and other contractual relationships to the day-to-day practicalities of running a business. It’s a free for you to download and use.

Complete the form on our Corporate Governance Toolbox page to download the document.

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