St Andrews Day Mens’ Dinner 27 November 2011 – Brisbane Australia

On Friday evening 27 November 2011, Brisbane’s Scottish community gathered to celebrate St Andrews Day at the 2011 annual men’s’ dinner.Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, Greece and Russia and was Christ’s first disciple.  Repressing clan Dundas at the Dinner wearing the Dundas modern tartan were Malcolm and Peter Burrows with guests Rob “Mac”Kropp and Mark “Mac”Harley. The kilt was new to MacKropp, but he wore the Blackwatch with pride.  Despite his apparent comfort in the Kilt, he was unable to hide that he wasn’t a true Scotsman when asked what regiment of the Blackwatch he served in by a member of the Blackwatch who served with the Regiment in Vietnam.


Many thanks to the organising committee for arranging a great evening.

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